Mina Jafari

Mina Jafari joined NIAC’s staff in February 2014, after interning with NIAC from September 2013. She is currently NIAC’s Graphics and Communications Associate.

Mina graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010 with a double major in Persian Studies and Government & Politics. After graduating, she pursued her interests in graphic design and marketing, spearheading a national sales and social media campaign while assisting company re-branding and product design for Pizza Packet, Inc.

From February 2012 until May 2013, Mina taught English in Iran, with a keen interest to learn more about work life, social life, and home life in Tehran. There, she gained first-hand experience of city life under heavy economic sanctions. She subsequently decided to intern for NIAC.

Her experience also inspired her graphic design company, Jest Designs. Her latest project combines traditional Iranian imagery to tell the story of modern Tehran life.