Call Congress: Stop Ban Based on National Origin & Religious Beliefs


President Donald Trump has barred all Iranians and individuals from six other Muslim-majority countries from the U.S., fulfilling his much-maligned campaign pledge to impose a Muslim ban.

This is unacceptable. Many in the Iranian-American community will be directly impacted by this disgraceful ban that treats all Iranians – and many other nationalities – as suspected terrorists. Our family and friends from Iran will not be able to visit while this ban is in effect.

After calling, click here to send an email to Congress – please call first, as it is by far the most impactful action you can take. >>

Take a few minutes to call your Senators and Representative today to denounce this move and urge Trump to reverse the decision.

Step 1: Use the tool on the right (at the bottom, if you’re on the mobile device) and our system will call you and connect you to your lawmakers

Step 2: Follow the prompt to be connected to your Senators and Representative (Press “*” to connect to your next lawmaker’s office)

Step 3: Call on your elected officials to denounce this move and urge Trump not to issue this order. Tell them how you will be personally affected or use the prompt below:

I am a [Iranian-American] constituent and I am outraged by Trump’s un-American ban on travel from certain Muslim-majority countries including Iran. Discriminating on the basis of religion, national origin or ethnicity is un-American and undercuts the vision of America as a country that stands for freedom and equality. This disgraceful order will divide families and friends separated by country, and will not make us safer. I urge you to denounce this disgraceful order and do everything in your power to see that it is reversed. 

Can I count on the [Senator/Representative’s] support?

After calling, urge your friends to do the same. Calling is by far the most impactful action that you can take. If there is a big enough backlash, we can take a big step toward blocking the ban or shortening its duration. However, if this action is met with silence, it could be made permanent for the foreseeable future.

Call your elected officials today!




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