Take Action

On Thursday, March 16 Donald Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0 goes into effect. That means that our Iranian loved ones and friends will not be able to visit the U.S., Iranian students will not be able to study at American schools, and – if the Trump Administration gets its way – that the prohibition on Iranians will be permanent.

We’re not going to let that happen – and we need your help.
Our lawsuit with Iranian American organizations to stop the ban is moving forward, in addition to several other legal challenges against it. And in Congress, new bills have now been introduced to repeal Trump’s second ban.
Will you contact your lawmakers to encourage them to sign onto the bill to repeal Trump’s ban?
Your emails to Congress will ensure that the ban on Iranians does not become normalized. They need to hear from us – whether it is to put pressure on them to sign on to the bill or to thank them for taking action.
There are several other actions you can take once you contact Congress. We are compiling a list of demonstrations, town halls, and other events happening locally in your community to raise awareness against the ban.
And, as we get closer to Norooz, we will be launching a local campaign to share the holiday with decisionmakers and encourage them to stand with our community against the ban. More on that to come.
In the meantime, please send a message to your lawmakers to support the bills to repeal the ban.