Take Action: Urge Congress and the White House to Reject Discrimination


We’ve just suffered a major setback.

Our allies on Capitol Hill have confirmed that the omnibus will be released soon and the discriminatory provisions of the visa waiver reform bill (H.R. 158) that target Iranian dual nationals and those who have traveled to Iran are included in the bill.
If the omnibus passes, Iranian Americans could be turned into a second class of citizen when traveling abroad. 
Together, we sent over 55,000 messages to Congress – and a bipartisan group of Senators came out in opposition to including the dual national language.  However, House Republican leaders have been unbending in their demands that the discriminatory language be included in the omnibus. 
Since the omnibus is the government funding bill, it will be very difficult to stop. However, we can’t be silent now –there’s a chance that this fractured Congress will fail to pass the bill and be forced to pass a “clean” spending bill without policy changes like the language targeting Iranian Americans.
The House will likely vote on the omnibus on Thursday. The Senate will plan to vote on Saturday but, if there is push back, could delay that vote until as late asnext Tuesday.
We can still send a loud and clear message to Congress before the omnibus comes to a final vote.
Right now, we need you to tell Congress and the White House to oppose discrimination against the Iranian-American community by rejecting the omnibus unless the travel provisions are removed. We have setup an action alert that will send separate emails to all of your lawmakers as well as to President Obama urging them to oppose the bill.

Urge Congress and the White House to reject discrimination against our community!

We are also developing a series of actions to work with the Obama administration and the other countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program to minimize and ultimately reverse the adverse impact of this legislation if it becomes law. We will keep you updated as those initiatives become ready to move forward. 

There is still a lot of work left to do, and we need you to stay engaged. With your help, we can still win this fight.

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