Current Grade: A

2411 Rayburn House Office Building


115th Congress Grade: A

Issue Date Legislator Position
Support for the JCPOA Ongoing Support ()
Legislation to Repeal Trump's Muslim Ban February 2017 Cosponsor ()
Deutch-Price Letter October 2017 Signed ()
Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act October 2017 Support ()
Second Legislation to Repeal Trump's Muslim Ban October 2017 Cosponsor ()
Amendment To Prohibit Muslim Ban Funding November 2017 N/A (not on committee) (—)
Third Legislation to Repeal Trump's Muslim Ban November 2017 Not a Cosponsor
Strengthening Oversight of Iran's Access to Finance Act December 2017 Did not Vote (—)

114th Congress Grade: C

Issue Date Legislator Position
Netanyahu Speech March 2015 Attended the speech (—)
Statements on the Framework Agreement April 2015 Neutral or no statement (—)
Schakowsky-Doggett-Price Letter May 2015 Signed ()
Position on Final Iran Agreement July 2015 No Statement
Equal Protection in Travel Act (H.R. 4380) January 2016 Not a sponsor (—)
Letters on Visa Waiver Discrimination February 2016 Did not sign any letters (—)

113th Congress Grade: C

Issue Date Legislator Position
113th House Pro-Diplomacy Op-Eds Has not published op-ed (—)
113th House Pro-Diplomacy Speech No Pro-Diplomacy Speeches
113th House Pro-Diplomacy Public Comment No Pro-Diplomacy Comments
Franks AUMF Ongoing Did Not Cosponsor (—)
Dent-Price Letter July 2013 Signed ()
H.R. 850 Sanctions July 2013 Did Not Vote (—)
McDermott Letter July 2013 Did Not Sign (—)
Freshman Sanctions Letter October 2013 Did Not Sign (—)
November Sanctions Letter November 2013 Did Not Sign (—)
Diplomacy Letter February 2014 Signed ()
Moran Letter April 2014 Did Not Sign (—)
Royce-Engel Letter July 2014 Did Not Sign ()


  • Committee on Natural Resources
  • Committee on Veterans' Affairs
  • Committee on Education and Labor

Office #1

P.O. Box 1361
Rota, MP 96951
Phone: 670-532-2647
Fax: 670-532-2649

Office #2

P.O. Box 504879
Saipan, MP 96950
Phone: 670-323-2647
Fax: 670-323-2649

Office #3

PO Box 520394
Tinian, MP 96952
Phone: 670-433-2647
Fax: 670-433-2648