• NIAC Applauds Senators Harris, Sanders for Joining Warren in Backing JCPOA Return March 20, 2019
    NIAC ActionNIAC Action
    We commend Senators Sanders, Harris, and Warren for committing to reversing Trump’s failed Iran policy, and for recognizing the urgent need to return to the JCPOA and the successes resulting from the diplomatic playbook first written under the Obama administration.
  • NIAC Action Joins Coalition to Call for AUMF Repeal March 13, 2019
    NIAC ActionNIAC Action
    NIAC Action joined a coalition of organizations to call for repeal of the authorization in response to recent reports stating that Trump officials were considering using the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to greenlight a war with Iran.
  • Congratulations to David Emami, City Councilor of Happy Valley March 7, 2019
    We are excited to announce that NIAC Action endorsee David Emami has been officially appointed as City Councilor of Happy Valley in Oregon! We were proud to endorse Oregon’s first ever Iranian-American City Councilor in this competitive race.
  • We’re Proud to Endorse Sepi Shyne for West Hollywood City Council March 4, 2019
    We’re excited to announce our official endorsement of Sepi Shyne for West Hollywood City Council. If elected, Sepi Shyne would become the first woman of color to serve on the West Hollywood City Council.
  • Senator Warren and the Return to the JCPOA March 1, 2019
    At NIAC Action, we’re advocating for a return to the Iran nuclear deal to bring back diplomatic relations with Iran. Recently, 2020 presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren has been vocal about her support for returning to the JCPOA. 
  • NIAC Hiring Advancement Officer February 26, 2019
    David ElliottDavid Elliott
    NIAC seeks an energetic and aggressive advancement professional. The Advancement Officer will develop, strategize, implement and coordinate fundraising and donor relations & engagement programs.
  • We’re Proud to Endorse David Emami as City Councilor of Happy Valley February 21, 2019
    At NIAC Action, we strive to identify and build up rising civic leaders who have the vision and leadership needed in our surrounding communities. David Emami is such a leader.
  • BREAKING: DNC Adopts Resolution Calling on the U.S. to Re-Enter the Iran Nuclear Accord February 20, 2019
    Iran Experts React as 2020 Democratic Party Platform Signals Commitment to Bringing the U.S. Back in Compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan or Action (JCPOA).
  • DNC Resolution to Return the U.S. into Compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action February 20, 2019
    This resolution on the return to the JCPOA was adopted by the full Democratic National Committee at its meeting on February 16, 2019, in Washington, DC. See a copy of the resolution.
  • DNC Adopts Resolution to Save the Iran Deal February 16, 2019
    NIAC ActionNIAC Action
    The Democratic National Committee has just adopted a resolution calling on the U.S. to re-enter the Iran nuclear accord, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). 
  • BREAKING: Trump Administration Forced to Turn Over Information on Muslim Ban February 15, 2019
    We have a positive update on the effort to scale back and ultimately overturn Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban. As part of the spending bill that will become law today, the Trump administration will be forced to turn over important information on the ban that will enable Congress to finally have ...
  • NIAC Action Stands with Representative Ilhan Omar Against Partisan Attacks February 13, 2019
    NIAC StaffNIAC Staff
    Rep. Omar has an important story to tell as a refugee from a country Trump banned. The fact that Trump and his allies are already seeking to ban her from Congress reveals yet again their own discriminatory and partisan intentions
  • Fight for Fair Immigration February 8, 2019
    The House of Representatives recently introduced the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019 (H.R. 1044 & S. 386)”, which would eliminate protections to prevent large nations from monopolizing the green card process. For many Iranians and other immigrant communities, this will mean their American Dream comes to an end.
  • NIAC Action Calls for Norooz Resolution in California February 7, 2019
    NIAC ActionNIAC Action
    Today, we sent a letter to California Assembly Member Nazarian to support ACR 2 and recognize Norooz on March 21, 2019 as the beginning of the Persian New Year. Recognizing Norooz as a holiday reflects the rich diversity of California. Read our full letter.
  • NIAC Action Is Proud to Endorse Yasmine Taeb for Virginia State Senate February 2, 2019
    NIAC Action Press ReleaseNIAC Action Press Release
    NIAC Action is proud to announce its official endorsement of Yasmine Taeb, candidate for Virginia’s 35th Senate District. Yasmine is waging a primary challenge against the Virginia Senate’s Democratic Minority Leader, Dick Saslaw.