End Visa Waiver Discrimination!


“Repeal discriminatory visa waiver provisions that risk putting some Americans, including Iranian Americans, into a second-class tier of citizenship!”

35 leading tech entrepreneurs – including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban – are protesting visa waiver discrimination

65 Iranian-American, civil liberties and Arab-American groups have joined in opposition to visa discrimination targeting minority American communities

Satirical video of comedian Maz Jobrani: Let Maz’s Grandma Visit Maz in America! #NoSecondClassCitizens

Take action today to reverse visa discrimination!

In December, Congress passed a law barring dual nationals of Visa Waiver Program countries and Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan from traveling to the U.S. without a visa, in addition to any individuals who have traveled to those countries since March 2011. This discriminatory law has already begun to take effect, and could provoke reciprocal restrictions that turn many Americans – including Iranian-Americans – into second-class citizens when traveling abroad.

Fortunately, bipartisan legislation – the Equal Protection in Travel Act of 2016 (S. 2449/H.R. 4380) – has been introduced to repeal the restrictions on dual nationals. The bill has been endorsed by 35 leading tech entrepreneurs – including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Mark Cuban – as well as 65 Iranian-American, civil liberties and Arab-American groups. In addition to this important legislation, the President has the authority to waive restrictions on dual nationals and individuals who have traveled to Iran to visit family, for tourism or for academic purposes. 

We can reverse these discriminatory visa restrictions, but only if we stand together. Take action today by telling Congress and the White House to reject visa discrimination!





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