President Trump: Don’t Ban Iranians and Muslims



President Trump issued an executive order banning Iranians and individuals from six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. The final executive order is worse than the draft leaked earlier this week, and the Trump Administration continues to leave vital questions unanswered.

For more information about how this order may affect you or your loved ones, see our update here.

At this point, the trajectory should be clear to all:

What started with the discriminatory Visa Waiver bill H.R. 158 in late 2015 has now evolved into a blanket ban for Iranian passport holders, only to be followed by an “ideological” test that Iranians and six other nationalities – but not others – will be subjected to.

The citizens of these countries are collectively responsible for ZERO American deaths in terror attacks on US soil.

This is discriminatory. This is un-American. And last but not least: This is dangerous as it pits Americans against Americans while undermining the very principles of inclusivity and tolerance that made America great.

Let’s not be silent – we must make our collective voices heard. Send a letter to President Trump RIGHT NOW to register your opposition. We will be in touch over the coming days and hours as this develops so that we can work together to stop this dangerous path of division.




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