SenatePartyStateStateGrade (A-F)Senate Sanctions Bill

This bill directs the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury and the Director of National Intelligence to submit a strategy every two years for deterring conventional and asymmetric Iranian activities that threaten the United States and key allies in the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond. The President shall impose asset blocking and U.S. exclusion sanctions against any person that materially contributes to: (1) Iran's ballistic missile or weapons of mass destruction programs, or (2) the sale or transfer to Iran of specified military equipment or the provision of related technical or financial assistance.

October 2017

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, CCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Sullivan, DanRAKAlaskaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Murkowski, LisaRAKAlaskaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Jones, DougDALAlabamaB 
Shelby, RichardRALAlabamaFDid not cosponsor ()
Cotton, TomRARArkansasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Boozman, JohnRARArkansasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Flake, JeffRAZArizonaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
McCain, JohnRAZArizonaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Harris, KamalaDCACaliforniaACosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Feinstein, DianneDCACaliforniaADid not cosponsor ()
Gardner, CoryRCOColoradoFDid not cosponsor ()
Bennet, MichaelDCOColoradoACosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Murphy, ChristopherDCTConnecticutADid not cosponsor ()
Blumenthal, RichardDCTConnecticutACosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Coons, ChrisDDEDelawareACosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Carper, ThomasDDEDelawareADid not cosponsor ()
Rubio, MarcoRFLFloridaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Nelson, BillDFLFloridaDCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Perdue, DavidRGAGeorgiaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Isakson, JohnRGAGeorgiaFDid not cosponsor ()
Hirono, MazieDHIHawaiiADid not cosponsor ()
Schatz, BrianDHIHawaiiADid not cosponsor ()
Ernst, JoniRIAIowaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Grassley, CharlesRIAIowaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Risch, JamesRIDIdahoFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Crapo, MichaelRIDIdahoFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Duckworth, TammyDILIllinoisADid not cosponsor ()
Durbin, RichardDILIllinoisADid not cosponsor ()
Young, ToddRINIndianaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Donnelly, JoeDINIndianaDCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Moran, JerryRKSKansasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Roberts, PatRKSKansasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Paul, RandRKYKentuckyDDid not cosponsor and voted no ()
McConnell, MitchRKYKentuckyFDid not cosponsor ()
Kennedy, JohnRLALouisianaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Cassidy, BillRLALouisianaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Markey, EdwardDMAMassachusettsADid not cosponsor ()
Warren, ElizabethDMAMassachusettsADid not cosponsor ()
Van Hollen, ChrisDMDMarylandACosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Cardin, BenjaminDMDMarylandBCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
King, AngusIMEMaineCCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Collins, SusanRMEMaineFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Peters, GaryDMIMichiganCCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Stabenow, DebbieDMIMichiganBCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Smith, TinaDMNMinnesotaC 
Franken, AlanDMNMinnesotaADid not cosponsor ()
Klobuchar, AmyDMNMinnesotaACosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Blunt, RoyRMOMissouriFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
McCaskill, ClaireDMOMissouriDCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Hyde-Smith, CindyRMSMississippiD 
Wicker, RogerRMSMississippiFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Cochran, ThadRMSMississippiFDid not cosponsor ()
Daines, SteveRMTMontanaFDid not cosponsor ()
Tester, JonDMTMontanaBCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Tillis, ThomRNCNorth CarolinaFCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Burr, RichardRNCNorth CarolinaFCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Heitkamp, HeidiDNDNorth DakotaDCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Hoeven, JohnRNDNorth DakotaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Sasse, BenjaminRNENebraskaFCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Fischer, DebRNENebraskaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Hassan, MargaretDNHNew HampshireADid not cosponsor ()
Shaheen, JeanneDNHNew HampshireADid not cosponsor ()
Booker, CoryDNJNew JerseyACosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Menéndez, RobertDNJNew JerseyBCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Heinrich, MartinDNMNew MexicoADid not cosponsor ()
Udall, TomDNMNew MexicoADid not cosponsor ()
Cortez Masto, CatherineDNVNevadaADid not cosponsor ()
Heller, DeanRNVNevadaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Gillibrand, KirstenDNYNew YorkADid not cosponsor ()
Schumer, CharlesDNYNew YorkBCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Portman, RobertROHOhioFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Brown, SherrodDOHOhioADid not cosponsor ()
Lankford, JamesROKOklahomaFDid not cosponsor ()
Inhofe, JamesROKOklahomaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Merkley, JeffDOROregonADid not cosponsor ()
Wyden, RonDOROregonBCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Toomey, PatrickRPAPennsylvaniaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Casey, RobertDPAPennsylvaniaBCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Whitehouse, SheldonDRIRhode IslandADid not cosponsor ()
Reed, JohnDRIRhode IslandADid not cosponsor ()
Scott, TimRSCSouth CarolinaFCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Graham, LindseyRSCSouth CarolinaFDid not cosponsor ()
Rounds, MikeRSDSouth DakotaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Thune, JohnRSDSouth DakotaFDid not cosponsor ()
Corker, BobRTNTennesseeFDid not cosponsor ()
Alexander, LamarRTNTennesseeFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Cruz, TedRTXTexasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Cornyn, JohnRTXTexasFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Lee, MikeRUTUtahFCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Hatch, OrrinRUTUtahFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Kaine, TimothyDVAVirginiaBCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Warner, MarkDVAVirginiaBCosponsored after 5/25 (—)
Sanders, BernardIVTVermontADid not cosponsor and voted no ()
Leahy, PatrickDVTVermontADid not cosponsor ()
Cantwell, MariaDWAWashingtonBDid not cosponsor ()
Murray, PattyDWAWashingtonADid not cosponsor ()
Baldwin, TammyDWIWisconsinADid not cosponsor ()
Johnson, RonRWIWisconsinFDid not cosponsor ()
Capito, ShelleyRWVWest VirginiaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Manchin, JoeDWVWest VirginiaFCosponsored before 5/25 (X)
Barrasso, JohnRWYWyomingFDid not cosponsor ()
Enzi, MichaelRWYWyomingFDid not cosponsor ()