Stop Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0!


IraniansAreThe “Muslim Ban” is senseless. Email Congress TODAY.

Contact your lawmakers TODAY to stop the ban. Your emails to Congress will ensure that Trump’s ban does not become normalized and can be eliminated. Want to do more? You can call your Members of Congress, too.

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1. The ban will impact more Iranians and Iranian Americans than any other group on the restricted countries list. In 2015, 57.5% of the visas issued to the 6 targeted countries went to Iranians (42,542).

2. Iranians are one of the only populations in the region who have positive views of the United States. After 9/11, Iranians held vigils in solidarity with America. Iranians want to buy American goods and study in American schools. Donald Trump may single-handedly destroy this goodwill.

3. The majority of Iranians view the American people favorably according to a poll conducted by the University of Maryland one year after the nuclear deal. 80% of Iranians supported increased tourism and 68% supported more cultural and athletic exchanges such as the recent trip by the U.S. wrestling team to Tehran which occurred without incident.

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