Tell Congress to Stop Trump’s Muslim Bans


On December 4th, the Supreme Court allowed for the temporary reinstatement of the third iteration of Trump’s Muslim ban pending court decisions later this week.

Unfortunately, the back-and-forth implementation of the ban means that Iranian Americans and their friends and family members in Iran – as well as other affected communities – will remain in legal limbo. Until Trump’s ban is defeated once and for all, the unacceptable pain and suffering that it causes will continue.

This could all end today if Congress stands up to Trump and blocks the ban from being implemented. In October, NIAC Action joined with fifteen other organizations – including the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Arab-American Institute, Muslim Advocates and National Immigration Law Center – to deliver over 111,000 petitions calling on Congress to rescind the ban immediately.

The fact that the ban is once again in force – even if only temporarily – underscores the need to keep up the pressure.

Tell Congress to rescind the ban by sponsoring and passing legislation from Senators Chris Murphy, Dianne Feinstein (S. 1979) and Rep. Judy Chu (H.R. 4271) without delay!

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