Announcing Our First Wave of 2020 Endorsements

The 2020 Election may be the most critical vote in our lifetime. It is more important than ever that Iranian Americans and our allies have a powerful voice at the ballot box.

That’s why we are excited to announce NIAC Action’s first 2020 endorsements – our largest ever single wave of endorsements!

We have an opportunity to elect more Iranian Americans into office than ever before.

And we have our best chance ever to send the first Iranian American to the U.S. Congress!

We have identified twelve champions of our community – incumbent members of Congress who have worked to prevent war and end Trump’s ban on our families, and Iranian Americans who are ready to make an impact in all levels of government. With your help, we can elect them to office and bring real change in 2020.

By making a donation to NIAC Action PAC, you can help elect these champions of our community and send a powerful, united message that Iranian Americans will not be ignored on the political stage.


Meet our endorsed candidates:

Katie Porter – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, CA-47)

Congresswoman Porter represents the second largest population of Iranian Americans in any Congressional district in the country. Katie defeated an anti-diplomacy, pro-Muslim Ban incumbent who held this seat in 2018 and strongly supports our legislative priorities. NIAC Action was proud to endorse Katie in 2018 and we must protect this swing seat in 2020!

>>Donate to Katie Porter’s campaign.

Pramila Jayapal – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, WA-7)

Congresswoman Jayapal is a leading progressive voice in Congress who supports legislative efforts to prevent war with Iran and advocates for equitable immigration policies for all communities.

>>Donate to Pramila Jayapal’s campaign.

Seth Moulton – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, MA-6)

Congressman Moulton is a Marine veteran and a respected voice in Congress on national security issues. He has called for the U.S. to return to its commitments under the Iran nuclear deal and supports diplomatic rather than military efforts with Iran.

>>Donate to Seth Moulton’s campaign.

Ilhan Omar – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, MN-5)

Congresswoman Omar has championed many of NIAC Action’s priorities, including working to end inhumane sanctions and leading efforts to end the Muslim Ban. She is a member of the No War with Iran Caucus and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

>>Donate to Ilhan Omar’s campaign.

Tom Malinowski – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, NJ-7)

Congressman Malinowski was elected to this swing seat in 2018 a highly competitive race and is being targeted by pro-Trump groups in 2020. He is a former State Department official who now sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he has advocated against the Muslim Ban and in favor of diplomatic efforts to resolve challenges with Iran.

>>Donate to Tom Malinowski’s campaign.

Rashida Tlaib – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, MI-13)

Congresswoman Tlaib is a leading advocate of efforts to end the Muslim Ban and has committed to blocking Trump from going to war with Iran. She has used her national platform to promote issues and values in line with NIAC Action’s mission.

>>Donate to Rashida Tlaib’s campaign.

Ro Khanna – Incumbent, U.S. Congress (D, CA-17)

Congressman Khanna is a leading advocate for an anti-war U.S. foreign policy in line with NIAC Action’s priorities. He is the champion of efforts to end wars in the Middle East and end unconditional U.S. support for inhumane policies and actors in the region. He is the leader of legislative efforts to prevent war with Iran.

>>Donate to Ro Khanna’s campaign.

Anna Eskamani – Incumbent, Florida House of Delegates (D, HD-47 – Orlando)

Representative Eskamani is one of the first Iranian-American women to be elected to office and a progressive champion in her state of Florida. NIAC Action was proud to join President Barack Obama and several other high-profile national organizations in endorsing her in 2018. Anna is the recipient of NIAC’s “Rising Star” Award and a consistent champion of the Iranian-American community.

Alan Khazei – Open Seat, U.S. Congress (D, MA-4)

Alan Khazei is a successful social entrepreneur who co-founded City Year as a student at Harvard three decades ago. As the son of an Iranian immigrant, he is passionate about eliminating the Muslim Ban and pursuing a diplomatic solution to the challenges between the U.S. and Iran. He has been endorsed by the likes of NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg, General Stanley McChrystal, and director JJ Abrams.

Dary Rezvani – Challenger, U.S. Congress (D, CA-22)

Dary Rezvani is an entrepreneur and a small business owner. Born and raised in Fresno, Dary is passionate about the effects of climate change on his community. As a first-generation Iranian-American, Dary is also dedicated to ending the Muslim Ban and preventing war with Iran.

Zahra Karinshak – Open Seat, U.S. Congress (D, GA-7)

State Senator Zahra Karinshak is a former federal prosecutor and U.S. Marine veteran who is proud of her Iranian American heritage. NIAC Action was proud to endorse Zahra in her 2018 race to win her state senate seat and looks forward to her repeating her victory on the national stage.

Yassamin Ansari – Open Seat, Phoenix City Council, District 7

Yassamin Ansari is a climate activist and rising political star in the Iranian-American community. She has worked at the United Nations, serving as the youngest advisor to UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, and with the office of California Governor Jerry Brown on climate initiatives.


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Celebrating #TeamZahra on Women’s Equality Day

August 26 marks Women’s Equality Day, a day to celebrate those brave women who fought for, and achieved, much deserved gains in equality since ratifying the 19th Constitutional Amendment. We have gotten as far as we have on gender equality because their courage paved the way for the generations that followed. Their resolve, leadership, and undeniable determination undoubtedly changed for the better America and its future leaders.  

And the momentum hasn’t faltered since. 

On this day, NIAC Action would like to honor another trailblazing woman, Zahra Karinshak. In 2018, Zahra made history on her first day as a State Senator when she was sworn in as Georgia’s first Iranian-American legislator. Soon after her first legislative session began, Zahra became the leading opponent of anti-abortion legislation and co-sponsored legislation to require schools to support young students with dyslexia. 

Zahra, who was endorsed by President Obama and Planned Parenthood in the last cycle, is also a proud U.S. Air Force veteran and federal prosecutor. Making history once again, she is taking her fight for equality to Capitol Hill as the first Iranian-American woman to run for Congress in Georgia’s 7th district. 

Zahra’s commitment to public service knows no bounds as she joins the many women leaders before her whose hard-fought accomplishments have shaped and strengthened our communities and democracy. NIAC Action is proud to have endorsed Zahra Karinshak in her Congressional raceand we can’t wait to see what more she has in store not only for the state of Georgia, but for the entire nation.

Learn more about and support Zahra here.