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Tell the Trump administration NO to a Muslim ban through “extreme vetting.”

Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson just unveiled their proposal for “extreme vetting” that could target Iranians seeking to come to the United States. While Trump has been unable to clear his despicable Muslim ban through the courts, he and his administration are now seeking new ways to prevent our friends and loved ones from Iran from visiting us in the U.S.

We have an opportunity to weigh in and send a deafening message to Trump that this will not stand. The Trump administration is legally required to accept public comment on its proposed “extreme vetting” proposal questions through May 18th. We need to send a powerful message that the American people – including the Iranian-American community – stands united against Trump’s anti-Iranian, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideology.

Take action today to tell the Trump administration “NO” to a Muslim ban through “extreme vetting.”

Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposal includes broad new authorities to reject visas for certain travelers. Most shockingly, it would require certain visa applicants to provide all of their social media history over the past five years. When the U.S. starts giving consular officers broad, undefined authorities to block visas based on a person’s Facebook posts, there is no telling how this power will be used. Will visas be denied for people who have made social media posts critical of Trump or his policies?

The proposal also requires applicants to provide fifteen years of personal history – including their employment history, places they have travelled or lived, and how they funded such travel. If an applicant is unable to provide full information about a vacation they had over a decade ago, there is a chance they would be rejected. Giving such broad license to reject visa applicants is an invitation for abuse. Much of this proposal is still being kept a secret, but if the Trump administration’s actions thus far are any indication, “extreme vetting” is going to be exploited to target ordinary Iranians and keep people from Muslim-majority countries out of this country.

Trump hasn’t been able to ram his Muslim ban through the courts, so his administration is trying to impose it through other means – including this “extreme vetting” proposal. We need to sound the alarm on these efforts if we are going to stop him. Your efforts can make a difference, please submit your public comment against Trump’s “extreme vetting” right away.

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