Tell Congress: Don’t Authorize a Saudi-Iran War


The Senate is poised to vote on authorizing the U.S. to help Saudi Arabia start a full-fledged regional war with Iran.

You read that right. The Senate was supposed to vote next week on a positive, bipartisan resolution from Sens. Sanders (I-VT), Lee (R-UT) and Murphy (D-CT) that would end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen, which has produced the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. Unfortunately, Senators Todd Young (R-IN) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) plan to offer an amendment that would not immediately end U.S. support for the bombing, and would carve out specific exceptions for the U.S. to support Saudi bombing in Yemen that targets Iranian activities.

The last thing we need is the Senate to give Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad bin-Salman the green light to bomb Iranians and start a full-fledged regional war. Congress needs to know that this is a red line.

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