Stop Trump’s Immigration Ban


Legislation has been introduced in Congress to reverse the ban.

House and Senate lawmakers have introduced legislation to reverse and defund Trump’s Executive Order. We need you to email your lawmakers today to urge them to cosponsor and pass this legislation.

House: H.R. 724, the Statue of Liberty Values Act, would block funding and implementation of Trump’s ban.

Senate: S. 240 would rescind the ban and S. 248 would block funding for the ban.

Send a message today to urge lawmakers to cosponsor all of these bills. Your message will also urge Senators to block Trump’s nomination for the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, and to withhold consent for all Senate action until the ban is reversed.

You can email your Representative and Senators today by filling out the form on the right.

Next, please call your lawmakers – information on how to do this is here.

Together, we will reverse this ban.




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