Udall’s Bill Can Stop War in Iran

War with Iran is back on the menu. In a few minutes, Donald Trump will stand before the United Nations and blame Iran for all that ails the Middle East. The following day, he will preside over a UN Security Council meeting aimed at strong-arming the world to impose crippling sanctions on Iran.

None of this will help Iranians secure their political rights or challenge the system, it will not help stabilize the region or end the wars in Syria and Yemen, and it will not address U.S. concerns with Iran’s foreign policy. It will make poor Iranians poorer, it will fan the flames of regional violence and terror, and it will empower the most hardline forces inside of Iran.

This is a campaign to make war inevitable. 

The President’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the #1 Republican Megadonor Sheldon Adelson all have one wish: destroying Iran. And they are closer than ever to achieving it.

Congress must act now – before it is too late – to take away Trump’s legal authority to start a war with Iran. That’s why Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) is introducing legislation to block the U.S. from launching war or military strikes against Iran without Congressional approval. 

>> Urge your Senators to support the Udall bill to block Trump from starting war with Iran.

Regional tensions are at a fever pitch following this weekend’s terror attacks in Ahvaz, with some planting the seeds for a U.S.-Iran war. Donald Trump believes that he alone has the authority to start wars whenever and wherever he sees fit. By getting as many Senators as possible to sponsor this bill, we can send him a clear message: do not start a war with Iran. 

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